Title: The Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Assessment of Body Status among Employees of Shahid Chamran University of Ahwaz

    Authors: Maryam Mojadam, Zeinab Ebadi, Sahebeh Ghanbari, Majid Hajibabaei∗

    Journal: Archives of Occupational Health, Volume 2, Issue 4, October 2018, 240-4

    Title: Evaluation of Microbial Quality of Offered Foods in the Restaurant of Educational Center

    Authors: Effat Farzanehnia, Peyman Ghajarbeygi, Razzagh Mahmoudi*

    Journal: Journal of Chemical Health Risks (2018) 8(2), 177-182

    Title: Carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic health risks of metal(oid)s in tap water from Ilam city, Iran

    Authors: Yadolah Fakhri, Narottam Saha, Sahebeh Ghanbari, Milad Rasouli, Ali Miri, Moayed Avazpour∗

    Journal: Food and Chemical Toxicology 118 (2018) 204–211

    Title: Determine the Quality of Bread Samples Used in Qazvin, Iran

    Authors: Peyman Ghajarbeygi, Masoud Kazeminia, Razzagh Mahmoudi*

    Journal: Journal of Chemical Health Risks 8(1) (2018) 1–8

    Title: Lead concentration in the muscles of slaughtered buffalos in northwest regions of Iran

    Authors: Razzagh Mahmoudi*, Bahareh Rahimi, Parviz Hassanzadeh, Peyman Ghajarbeygi, Babak Pakbin

    Journal: Electronic Physician, January 2018, Volume: 10, Issue: 1, Pages: 6148-6152


    Title: Effect of Storage Temperature on the Microbiological and Physicochemical Properties of Pasteurized Milk in Nylon Packing

    Authors: Masoud Kazeminia, Razzagh Mahmoudi, Peyman Ghajarbeygi, Shaghayegh Mousavi, Vahid Bozorgpour

    Journal: International Journal of Food Nutrition and Safety, 2018, 9(1): 100-109

    Title:  Evaluation of Chemical Composition and Antibacterial Properties of Froriepia subpinntaEssential Oils from Guilan Region: Before and After Flowering

    Authors: Mahnaz Mohammadzadeh, Razzagh Mahmoudi & Peyman Ghajarbeygi

    Journal: Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants, Oct 2018, volume: 21 (4), pp 1119 - 1127  

    Title:  Method development for determination of migrated phthalate acid esters from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging into traditional Iranian drinking beverage (Doogh) samples

    Authors: Amin Kiani & Mahsa Ahmadloo & Nabi Shariatifar & Mojtaba Moazzen & Abbas Norouzian Baghani& GholamReza Jahed Khaniki & Ali Taghinezhad & Amin Kouhpayeh & Amin Mousavi Khaneghah & Peyman Ghajarbeygi

    Journal: Environmental Science and Pollution Research, February 2018

     Title: Emotional eating in relation to anthropometric indices and dietary energy intake based on gender

    Authors: Ahmadreza Rasoulia, Jalal Moludib, Elaheh Foroumandi, Saeed Shahsavarie, Behzad Ebrahimif

    Journal: Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2018. 12 (2). pp. 131-139.

    Title: Qualitative investigation of meat species in meat products by real time polymerase chain reaction

    Authors: P. Ghajarbeygi, R. Mahmoudi, R. Jafari Jozani, B. Pakbin

    Journal: Journal of safety food, 2018, 1-5

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